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Degree Application of Agricultural Products Processing Technology 2015

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February 26, 2015

Ministry of Agriculture held a degree TeknologiPengolahan Implementation of Agricultural Products, held from 24th - February 26th, 2015 diAuditorium Building F, Ministry of Agriculture, Jakarta. These activities are carried out to introduce the technology and means of processing and agricultural hasilolahan products. The event was opened by the Inspector General of Ir. R. Aziz Hidayat, MM representing the Minister of Agriculture.

IAARD participated in the form of exhibition display technology with supporting technological innovation paddy and maize ranging from manufacturing to product pascapanennya. Also featured in the form of machine tool penepung machine, flour sifter machine, several varieties of rice and maize, various preparations made from corn for food to bioethanol. Published also processed agricultural waste such as rice and corn charcoal, rice husk and corn BioFoam of ampok. Center Agricultural Library and Technology Dissemination (CITED) displays various information about agricultural innovations such as the publication of the results of agricultural research and development in the form of leaflets, boklet, scientific journals, other publications. REFERENCES also displays a collection of agricultural technology as well as a demo video library services over the internet.

In addition to the Agency for Agricultural Research, technological innovation exhibition also attended by partners producer of agricultural machinery, ranging from earth moving machines, automatic planting machine to machine processing results as Rice Milling Unit (RMU), as well as various agricultural products such as food and beverages. In addition to the exhibition of technological innovations, on the first day also held a seminar with the theme of Food Self-Sufficiency Technology Application support, Added Value and Competitiveness, which featured speakers from the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Rural Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration, Entrepreneur and IPB. The seminar was attended by various stakeholders in both the central government, local government to the private sector.

Degree Application of Technology of Agricultural Products Processing try to get a solution, especially in facing the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) which will take effect starting later this year. An agricultural products currently required to have a good quality and competitive price, so the efficient use of resources and appropriate technology is absolutely necessary. Agro-industry are also encouraged to develop in rural areas based on local resources with the principle of zero waste, so that the products produced have milai pertanianyang added. The use of technology as well as tools and machinery should also be improved in order to improve the efficiency and price competitiveness on national and even world market.

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