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Tips for Obtaining Optimal Credit Score

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March 2nd, 2015

Credit Score is a number that is given based on an assessment of the achievements that have been dicapaioleh a librarian in working out the details of the activities grains used as satusyarat for appointment and promotion or rank. Activities ranging from library to library materials procurement process / information utilized by the user, is a source of credit for librarians numbers according to his level.

Thus a librarian must be nimble, creative, and took the initiative as well as mastering a few grains of the related activities, not fixated on only one or a few elements teknnis activities are routine, but also without having to override the main tasks in every level of the position. Technical guidelines are expected to help Librarian especially in the scope of the Ministry of Agriculture to accelerate the collection of numbers, especially credit and increase professionalism in general.

Figures partial credit librarian positions, not be combined (block) as credit scoring position Researchers and the like. However, the number of credits can be obtained from several sub-elements / items related activities and which is a continuation (collected) from one or a few grains of activity. In addition to the number of credits that can be collected from the grain is technical activities and related or continues, librarians also have ample opportunity to analyze activities, make reviews, scientific reports, and make a report.

Solution that can provide a great possibility is to enrich or add elements, sub-elements, and grain activities, especially with the increasingly rapid development / advancement of information technology, which until now less accommodated / underrepresented in SK MENPAN No. The 132/2002.

To find out more tips so that optimal credit score, please download the technical manual (Technical Guidance) Tips for Getting a Credit Score Optimal No. 45. The technical guidelines can be accessed for free on the web site PUSTAKA

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