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Latest collection Month February 2015

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March 6, 2015

PUSTAKA collection began collected since 1842. Procurement of library materials for the libraries regularly performed with the purchase (including subscriptions) and exchange. Additionally obtained grants / gifts of library materials from agencies or international foundations With supported by advances in information technology, PUSTAKA develop collections, both printed forms such as books and magazines, as well as on CD-ROM and electronic databases.

The latest book collection owned by PUSTAKA in February 2015 as many as three titles. To see a complete list of the latest book collection, please click here. While the collection of the latest magazine owned References in February 2015 as many as 50 copies. To see a complete list of the latest magazine collection, please click here. And Collection CD / DVD ROM owned by CITED latest in January 2015 as many as 13 Chips. To see a complete list of collection CD / DVD ROM newest, please click here.

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