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Institutional Strengthening Gapoktan PUAP in Rice Technology Application Specific Location

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March 13, 2015

Rice farmers generally do not apply so that the optimal technological productivity is low. One reason is the lack of working capital. Rural Agribusiness Development Program (PUAP) The Ministry of Agriculture is one of the programs to address the problems of farmers working capital, including by channeling funds Rp100 million to each of the combined group (gapoktan) to strengthen the cultivation of venture capital (food crops, horticulture, livestock, and plantations) and non-farming enterprises (domestic industry, small traders, and other activities based on agriculture).

Development of specific technology needs to be driven by socializing, involving formal and informal institutions in the region, and participatory planning. Local Government is expected to provide facilitation in capital accumulation, ownership of a legal entity, the establishment of associations gapoktan, and preparation steps exit strategy PUAP program sustainability. Bapeluh or BP4K can be a leading agency and make PUAP program as a flagship program area. Assistance to farmers needs to be intensified by the PMT and PP.

This paper outlines the efforts to strengthen farmers PUAP to accelerate the adoption of technology-specific rice through learning from different approaches ever developed. Detailed information of this article can be accessed in the Journal of Agricultural Research and Development Vol.33 # 1 Th. 2014. The journal can be accessed for free on the PUSTAKA web site.

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