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Management and Library Services Through Digital Library Applications

Sumber: Administrator

March 16 2015

Digital library developed since 2005, requires improvement and continuous improvement, both of the information system, data integration, management, and utilization by the user. In connection with this, the Central Agricultural Library and Technology Dissemination, develop agricultural library management application named Agricultural Library Management Information System (SIMPERTAN) since 2014. In 2015, the system continuously strived to be implemented by librarians and library managers scope of the Agency Agricultural Research. In order to implement, then librarians and managers must be able to master the system. In connection with this, then for two days (11-12 March 2015) conducted an internal workshop Simpertan v.2 REFERENCES scope. This workshop was also conducted in preparation for the implementation of the program and the implementation of the system on IAARD.

Workshop held in Meeting Room References and attended by librarians and staff of the Library. The event was opened by the Head of Library Drs. Bambang Sankarto, MIM. The event is also diltujukan for reviewing applications SIMPERTAN and get feedback from the participants for these applications become more user friendly and operational. Through this workshop, expected performance and the management of library services in the Central Agricultural Library and Technology Dissemination (References) become more optimal and library management Kemtan more integrated scope.

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